The Flannel

The Flannel

Heading out for school one morning wearing a raspberry ice cream color Banana Republic spring coat, I hear behind me, “Have a good day – that coat will make it great!” That was my sweet being facetious! Any shade of fuscia just sends Jeff into cringe. I suppose it is true that our partners, friends and spouses all have at least one piece of beloved clothing that just makes us crazy – right?

What! You don’t like my flannel?

I guess you can’t go to Menards and get out without buying some of the weird stuff they sell –  huge bags of candy, fleece pants, flannel shirts… Of course, these things are always “such great deal.” Max is turning out like his dad, “They were only $7” is often the first thing I hear when the two of them return from a shopping trip. Almost more irritating is the dining table covered in white plastic Menard’s “good deal” bags!

Anyway, on one of these “great deal” trips, Jeff returned with a blue/gray/black flannel with these weird metal buttons. The buttons are a black but rimmed with a brushed gray. They seem the kind of buttons that would be better positioned on something formal or feminine, yet there they are on one of the most masculine of clothing items – the flannel.

Check out the buttons!

When I first saw the shirt, it struck me as fine – I hadn’t noticed the buttons. Nice, gray, blue, snuggly looking, but when Jeff and Max began to expound on the Menard’s conquest highlighting the extreme good deal of the shirt, “It only cost $7!” I took a more careful look. Well, it should have been cheaper, I thought. Look at those terrible buttons.

The irony of it all is what you already know from the photos – my favorite flannel (now me being facetious) has joined us on our nine-month excursion! When it’s one of only two warm shirts the boy brought, it’s not like I can accidentally throw it in the garbage or leave it in the washer as we drive to the next town without getting busted! Oh joy. Look at that smug face all happy with his packing choice! I’m off to shop for something HOT PINK!img_4726




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