Oh, So Pretty Czech / Slovakia

Funny how I love renovating houses, but I know nothing of architectural styles. What is Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance? Everywhere we go I see architecture so old that in our “New World” these styles go largely unseen. Despite not knowing what it is all called, it sure is pretty.



Max is watching for the train – not looking at the pretty girl!

img_4481The buildings below in Telc, Czech are OLD – and pretty. Pretty seems to be important in Europe – pretty cobbles on the streets and sidewalks, pretty flowers hanging in the windows, pretty ironwork, pretty lemonade and pretty old buildings, that even in a crumbling state, look beautiful.







Don’t you all think this ironwork must be dedicated to Max Washburne? He was absolutely not willing to take credit!



The Czech Republic is very beautiful – so far our favorite place – although we loved hiking through the Sucha Bela gorge in the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia as well. The trail through the gorge takes its brave hikers in only one direction – up a narrow gorge along its stream bed and past its waterfalls. Often we had to climb steep metal ladders attached to the rock face of the gorge or travel along narrow precipices holding onto chains bolted into the rock. In places where the water ran higher than the rock stream bottom, wooden walk bridges had been built. (Although I am no much of a hiker, I am quite certain that a hike like this in the U.S. would not be allowed – at least not in a national park. We would insist on hand railings and protective barriers, or the hike would be allowed only for those with climbing gear.) Once we reached the top, the trip down was a breeze along a narrow gravel road.


Being in nature is calling to both Jeff and I as the cities begin to blur. We are headed to the Alps for a few days of nature hiking and cigarette smoke free air.


4 thoughts on “Oh, So Pretty Czech / Slovakia

  1. Enjoying reading about the adventure and recalling my trip to Prague several years ago , your post brings back good memories. Enjoy!


  2. Your photos of the hike in Slovakia look amazing. I’m pretty sure I would have had to crawl across some of those spaces. I love the beauty, but the heights get to me! Some time in the Alps sounds wonderful, and then I think you’ll also be surprised with the beauty of Montenegro when you get there.


    1. We just had an amazing hike in the Gastein Valley/Water Gorge area – so cool! I love seeing all the dairy cows in the lush pastures. Looking forward to Montenegro! Any suggestions?


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