Lolly Laggin’ into a NEW World

IMG_3794Of the three of us I got the most sleep last night. A restless, tossing and turning, arms falling asleep, neck in a knot four-hour nap on the flight between Minneapolis and Reykjavik. Every time I tossed to my right I would check to see if Jeff was sleeping, and when I would toss to the left, I’d spy on Max. That’s right puzzle solvers of the world, I was in the middle seat! Irritated that I would be the only one with any energy to hike our way through the first day of travel, but unable to prod them as the fog of sleep enveloped me, I slumbered on.

I  did partake a little in the onboard movie watching in between readjustments as Max was completely engaged with Interstellar  and Jeff watched some Leonardo Di Caprio thing where Mr. Cutie Pants sported a raggy blond beard and had cuts with oozing blood dripping in just the right rippled muscled area of his chest. As intriguing as that was, sleep pulled me in but my taste for eye candy had me tossing to the right more often than not!


Needless to say, we arrived at 7:00 am in Reykjavik completely exhausted with a full itinerary of things to do. Today was broken into two categories:

  1. Mother Nature & 2) Food – Not in that order


Of course, Mother Nature wouldn’t like to know this, but my main priority today was food. Food not because I was hungry, but food because I am going to blog about it for Epitourean and am very excited about my Iceland piece! My quest for food ideas took us to one of their main big box grocery stores, Kronan, Mossfellsbakari, an icecream farm, and a tomato greenhouse/farm all in the Golden Circle area of Iceland. What did we learn? Iceland’s food prices are pretty high, but not too far off what somebody would pay at Whole Foods for groceries or Dunn Bros for good coffee. The foods we tasted today were phenomenal: breads, icecream, tomato soup and cookies! I know, not the most healthy, but very good! We worked off these calories when it came to our second quest of the day – Mother Nature.


Our little Renault Peugeot rental took us past some amazing flat, barren lands that reminded Jeff and I of the high plateaus in Wyoming until the land started steaming and spewing up hot water and plips of bubbling mud! We casually hiked two waterfalls both hidden from the road but highlighted by the throngs of tour buses and visitors lining their rims. We stopped in just to see what all the fuss was about. We figured it must be pretty impressive judging by the number of cars in the parking lot. The falls in Thingvellir National Park was small but dumped out over a very impressive view through a giant gorge where two tectonic plates meet up. Driving the main roads, you would never know these places are there!


Max couldn’t survive a day on no sleep, so he crashed in the back of the rental and Jeff wide awake, escorted us through our itinerary surprisingly alive and well. We checked into our guest house, (on a farm! pay attention to theme, here!) and promptly fell asleep. That was about two hours ago. I feel terrible, but he’s just going to have to wake up so he can adjust to Icelandic Time!

I’m still running on four hours without a nap, but determined to stay up until at least 9:00 to start with a new normal schedule. It looks like we are six hours ahead of Minnesota for the next week.

The weird of the day

  1. Most rental cars here are white…most cars here are white.
  2. Today’s high temperature 61 degrees – right now 54 and dropping.
  3. Sheep roam freely here…often.




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