Preparing to Leave


Preparing to leave for a nine-month excursion is not an easy task. Not only do we need to arrange destination, travel, and hotels, but we need to make sure all of our personal business is in order. Nearly two years ago we sold our single family home and bought a duplex so we could have an apartment in the Cities when we wanted to be there, and our farm. The duplex came to us demanding that it be renovated, so part of our departure plans has been to rebuild and generally gussy up the two apartments – no easy task!

Both of the apartments are completed, one rented as of August 1, and we are in the process of finding tenants to sublet our apartment while we are away. Finding decent tenants is no easy task. Especially after we just finished complete apartment make-overs. We won’t get to live in that new house smell for very long…I know, no sympathy!

Once the duplex is rented, we will feel the relief of a huge burden. We began renovations a year ago, worked slowly on the project in the beginning and as the deadline approached, we began to work daily after work and Jeff stays for at least one day on the weekends to make headway. The work on the duplex comes after a full day of the career work! Needless to say, we are pretty tired.

In addition to preparing the duplex, we need to make arrangements for the farmhouse. I’m not sure yet if I will rent it, or leave it to the care of friends and family. We might feel more at ease if someone is there all the time. Perhaps I can find an artist or writer who might need a sabbatical with a quiet space to work.

We decided to set up a website for the farmhouse and rent to friends. Most of the weekends between September 1st and December 31st are taken. Now we just need to convince people that the farm is beautiful in the winter too! Really, it is.

So the “To Do” list grows the closer to departure: arrange for bills to be paid, set up Paypal account, make purchases for clothes, shoes, camera, etc., arrange for taxes to be paid, cancel all unnecessary services, prepare the automobiles for parking, convince friends to join us for parts of the trip, etc.

I’m not sure we will feel ready to go until our flight leaves for Iceland – And maybe not even then!


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